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The Outlaw "Double-A"
Alec "Double-A" Anderson created by Zachary Lawrence

Alec J. Anderson

AKA “Double-A Outlaw”

All that is known of Alec Anderson is that he lives to kill others. “Double-A”, as he is called, is a known trophy killer that likes to take pieces of his victims and collect them in jars that he carries. It appears all he knows is murder and butchery.

No one really knows how old Alec is, but there are reports of an Alec Anderson that used to ride with a notorious gang of killers called the Harpies. The Harpies raided the colonies of the Americas around the time of the Revolutionary War killing colonists and promoting unrest under the guise of British loyalists. In truth the gang was little more than two brothers known only as Big Harper and Little Harper and a group of thugs that saw an opportunity for looting, and pillaging. Big Harper was captured in 1799 near the Florida panhandle. Alec is rumored to have run with Little Harper until the younger brother was captured in 1804 in Louisiana. Alec was said to have fled to South Carolina.

Sometime later “Double-A” was seen frequently at the Six Mile Wayfarer House, the home of Lavina Fischer, America’s first recorded female serial killer. There he assisted Lavina in luring travelers into the inn with games of chance and entertainment as Lavina and her husband Jon would prepare the slaughter. It wasn’t until 1820 that the Fischer’s were discovered. Jon Fischer named few accomplices in his trial, but he claimed it was all orchestrated by Alec J. Anderson.

For two years Alec evaded the authorities. His luck came to an end as he entered the area known as Hillview in what is now St. Petersburg, Florida. Apparently he had a drink at a nearby pub. (Lost Souls?- Timmy) and was spotted leaving the establishment. He fled to a nearby graveyard to hide amongst the stones and it’s large mausoleum. It was here he made his last stand and was fatally shot by Sheriff Latigo Smith and his posse.

As is always the case with Hellview that was not the end of his story, be warned he has been seen in recent incarnations of Lost Souls Tavern. You know his story. You know his intentions. Pray you do not cross paths with this scoundrel or he may add parts of you to his jar of scraps. If you see this fiend, there is only one option… Run. Run and pray you are faster than he.