Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

People Scaring People since 1996.

The Play Room

Little Emily likes to play,
But all her friends have gone away.
Baby Sister is lonely, too.
What are two little girls to do?

With all their toys they still can't find
Someone who has a loving mind.
Their charm and grace are far from sweet.
And now it's you they choose to eat.

If you can find the kid's play room,
The girls will lead you to your doom.
So try and run don't stay behind.
They'll steal your soul and take your mind.
    In the mid 1800s a group of youngsters were playing near the entrance to Hillview Cemetery.  One of the older boys grabbed a girl named Emily’s prize teddy bear and threw it over the wall into the cemetery.  He dared the crying girl to go and face the dead in Hillview to get her “stupid bear” back.
  Emily went in bravely.  She never was seen again.
  A large search party scoured the cemetery and no clue was ever found.
  A few years later sightings of a young girl playing amongst the tombstones began to circulate.  The girl was often reported to ask for new toys as she had broken all her old ones.  She often is seen playing with other missing children from the area, which are never heard from again.

Timmy’s note - Emily has made her own playroom off the Caretaker’s mansion.  I’m not sure if she’s a ghost, demon, or other undead entity.  I noticed that the other unearthly creatures and evils of Hellview avoid her like the plague, with the exception of Fangrrl who seems to relate to her.  All I know is if you play with Emily, you don’t go home again.

Researched and poem written by Calista Muncy