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Kneecaps created by Trevor Kaufman

I am Kneecaps the clown. I had a different name once.

Long ago I was a carnival and street performer. One day I walked around my favorite carnival, Burnem and Slayley’s I saw a strange man limping around. He looked so sad. I had to go over to cheer him up. I started my favorite routine.

Before I knew it he knocked me down to my knees. I think they broke from the impact. I think I screamed but all I saw was red. He was trying to bite me. I grabbed the closest thing I could find. It was the strongman’s hammer. I grabbed it and smashed his head in. I bashed and smashed and the red was everywhere.

I took his kneecaps for destroying mine.

It has made me how I am now.

Maybe, I’ve gone a little far. I take kneecaps. I hit them with my hammer. I take more kneecaps.

I am Kneecaps.