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Madame Oar

Madame Oar’s Boat House opened in 1823 just after Florida became a US territory.  Ostensibly it was a place for weary boatmen to hang their hats and to partake of the hospitality of Madame Oar.  It was however common knowledge that the boat house was merely the front of a long functioning brothel.  

Madame Oar was known for importing all the finer things and keeping her place of business furnished with the finest French furniture, the finest French Wines, and the finest French women.  Madame Oar  was quoted as saying, “Beauty is never fleeting if you pay the right price.”  

Not much is known about Madame Oar herself.  Rumors state that she was an heiress of an unknown pirate captain that rampaged across the Spanish Main in the 1600s some say it was Jose Gaspar himself.  There were rumors that claimed she had at least 12 husbands and every one of them died and left her a small fortune.  There are no real records detailing her except for the photograph on this page which was taken in 1886 by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel that is one of the earliest color photographs on record as the chemist was so inspired by her beauty.  If that date is to be believed than this photo should be of the original Madame Oar's daughter or even grand daughter as she appears very young to be the reported 84 she would have been in the picture.

Stories of disappearing sailors and missing girls were generally ignored as most people were transient to the area.  It took some time before any official investigation occurred.  It took the disappearance of  a Rough Rider on his way to Cuba with Roosevelt.  Upon investigation into his disappearance  the truth behind Madame Oar’s was revealed.  The bordello was burned to the ground during the resulting raid by the Army.  Excavating the site authorities found over 1000 corpses buried under the floor boards of the boat house and just outside in the swamp. 

The Caretaker has learned from Timmy that there is more to this.  Madame Oar is either a vampire or succubus and kept the souls of many of her guests which explains her eternal beauty that this haunting picture shows.  Be careful as you travel the paths of Hellview as sometimes you find a lingering smell of burning wood and find the smoldering remains of Madame Oar’s which appears to still be open for business.