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Selene and Silas

  Selene Lugaru is a curious standout amongst the were-wolves.  While there is no evidence to show her as a full lycanthrope she definitely walks amongst them with no fear or reprisals.  Surprisingly one can simply speak to Selene as she seems quite charming and pleasant.  She openly speaks of the weres and her involvement in the packs of Hellview.  Though there is recent evidence to suggest she does however carry the curse of the were-wolf within her as she has been seen nursing an infant lupine.
  According to Selene, the baby’s name is Silas Alcide Lugaru and she claims it is the child of her and an unnamed were-wolf.  She holds the baby like a proud mother and shows him to the camera.  The young pup snaps and bites and does seem lethal at only a few days old.  It’s a wonder how Selene can nurse the creature without some immunity or the full curse.
  Selene states that she intends to organize the packs of Hellview into one large pack under alpha-were, Wolfgang.  Selene sees herself as the power behind the throne and leading the pack into future greatness.  If she truly can keep the squabbling packs from fighting over territory, they would be the greatest threat Hellview presents.  
  When asked why the need for consolidating the packs, Selene nods at her snarling infant and responds, “Every pup needs a pack.”