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Sparrow Scallywag
  Sparrow Scallywag was the alias taken by a daughter of one of the first Spanish governor of Florida.  Sparrow, apparently her real first name, fell in love with the sea as a young maid onboard a Galleon bound for her new home in the Spanish colony of Florida.  Once she arrived at her new home she would frequently spend her days at the harbor and listen to the tales of sailors of pirates, treasure, and life on the oceans.  This frequently caused clashes with her father as he expected her daughter to be a proper lady.

  The final straw came when she was betrothed to a local merchant without her consent.  She fled to the harbor and stowed away on the first ship out she could find.  That ship was barely out to sea for a day before she was discovered.  The captain began to head back for port when there ship was attacked by Captain Grimm and the El Oro Negro.  That band of pirates was well known for not taking prisoners so they all feared the worst.

  Somehow Sparrow managed to convince Captain Grimm to spare her life as she wanted to join his crew. She told him that her knowledge of  Spanish trade and patrol routes would be an invaluable asset.  Captain Grimm took her as his First Mate and took her under his wing to train her in the life of the sea and piracy.

  Grimm’s crew did not like having a woman onboard which caused a mutiny.  There were occasional reports of a mad Captain and his ‘wild eyed maiden” attacking ships later on, but no one confirmed it was Grimm and Scallywag.  Some say their treasure was buried in what we now know as Hellview Cemetery.

  Timmy’s notes - Sparrow and Grimm have what can best be described as a tumultuous relationship.  The Captain hungers for power and Sparrow hungers for treasure.  Though this would seem to suit them both, they sway between loyal lovers to fierce enemies.  Though they have recently fled Hellview, I know it won’t let them escape for long.