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Swamp Water Maggie

  Swamp Water Maggie was well known to the small community of what is now Dunedin. Several times a year she would come into town and sell potions, charms and witch jars to the local population.  Though god fearing Christians the locals couldn’t help but marvel at the near miraculous powers contained in the items crafted by Maggie.

  When an unnamed tropical storm came and nearly destroyed the settlement, accusations of God’s wrath quickly turned to the town’s tolerance of Maggie.   A lynch mob was formed to hunt the area for Maggie’s shack and to bring her back for what would be called a trial.  Most knew that it would only be a matter of getting her back to the town’s hanging tree.

  The mob never found Maggie but they did find her shack which they burned to the ground.  They knew Maggie would have to come to town for supplies sooner or later so they returned to town to wait.

   A lone note was posted on the town’s hanging tree .  The note read, “I once lived in the light of the swamp and brought you trinkets of kindness and healing.  Now I have found a home in the dark land of the dead.  I now bring you artifacts of death and disease.”

 Within two weeks every member of the mob’s house had burned to the ground.  The town was then hit hard by Yellow Fever.  The once prosperous settlement was destroyed and the last surviving inhabitants made a plea for mercy to Maggie.  Maggie appeared and demanded an apprentice be given from the remaining inhabitants.  

  Some say the people offered up a child and a cleansing rain came to heal the town.  Others say the town refused and a hurricane came and washed the town away.  All we know is you don’t mess with Swamp Water Maggie.