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The Bartender
  Montague John Druitt, Born August 15, 1857, the second son and third child of prominent local surgeon William Druitt, and his wife Ann.  Druitt was one of the suspects in the Ripper murders that took place in London between August and November 1888.  His mysterious death in November 1888 was ruled a suicide, when a body, allegedly fitting his description was found drowned in the River Thames, only a few weeks after the last of the “known” murders, that of Mary Jane Kelly was discovered.
 But here is the thing, those who knew the often secretive and melancholy Druitt, (who was known to patronize the pubs of Whitechapel), claimed that he was seen in London after what was supposed to be his untimely demise. It was reported that Druitt, a suspect in the Ripper murders was working as a barkeep in the original Lost Souls Tavern in Whitechapel, but when Inspector Abernathy arrived, Druitt was nowhere to be found.
 One report, which some say was also followed up by Scotland Yard, was that Druitt had booked passage on the ELIZABETH ELLEN, a schooner out of Southampton which was sailing toward New Orleans and which sank near the mouth of Tampa Bay. A man, fitting the description of the mysterious Druitt has also made an appearance behind the bar in other reincarnations of The Lost Souls Tavern, both in Deadwood ( his name appears in the diary of Doc Holliday), and also in Chicago he was reportedly seen talking to a certain Dr. H. H, Holmes in his notorius apothecary shortly before the 1893 Wrold's Fair.
 A promissory note for a loan made between one M. Druitt and Al Capone was found in the post mortem effects of the famous bootlegger for a home near the Jungle Prada area of St. Petersburg and the right to rename "The Gangplank" bootleg club to "Lost Souls".
 Recently he has been seen in his place behind the bar in the Tavern of Lost Souls in Hellview Cemetery for several years imploring all who pass by “will you drink with me?”
Montague at Lost Souls
Recently a young barmaid has joined Montague
Researched by George Clark