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The Beast
  Nicholas Von Ludwich was once a liked and well respected member of society.  This was of course in Gévaudan, France and in the late 1760’s.  No one is quite sure when he was cursed with Lycanthropy or whether he was simply born with it.  At first the beast controlled him and dozens of locals fell as he could not controll the beast within him.  He left his home and fled his country when it was simply impossible to hide his transformations any more.
  Not much is known of the intervening years after the Beast of Gévaudan had faded into legend.  Nicholas was rumored to have traveled the world in search of a cure for his lycanthropic curse.  Over a hundred years of legends, sightings and notes from prophets, apothecaries, alchemists, and even the early days of psychotherapists all point to Nicholas Von Ludwich as a repentant man on a quest to cure his condition. 
  According to legends Nicholas came across Swamp Water Maggie after hearing of her connection to the Lugaru family in the swamps of central Florida.  While she could not cure him, the legend states that she was able to help him control the beast within and restore him as the master of himself. 
  Now only the light of a full moon still holds sway over him.  Nicholas sought out  Sir Timothy when he discovered the Order of the Sentinels and the area that was to become known as Hellview Cemetery.  Now he stands as an assistant to the Wardens and Caretakers of Hellview.  There he tries to help those that stray into Hellview’s influence to not suffer the fate of those that died at his hands.  Excepting those nights of the full moon where he locks himself away as the Beast of Gévaudan rises forth as the master once again.
Researched by Nicholas Tinnerello