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The Burned Man

                This ain’t a confession, no Sir-this is just to set the record straight. If not for the Law then for my immortal soul.

                Yes, I have a thing for the Flame; it has been the one true constant in my life. Without fail, the Flame has solved any problems I have had. It stopped that man they called my Father from hurting Mother. The flame has been my protector, my love, my savior.

                Madame Oar’s House was my last job-my last chance. I had worked at many bordellos over the years up ‘n down the Eastern Seaboard and every one of them required the Flame. You see, I ain’t got a problem with ladies of the evening or their work. My Mama was a fine lady with several well-heeled gentleman callers all of which paid a sum worthy of her affections. It’s just that these other brothels went from’ proper’ houses to places where anyone could take a turn. It just weren’t right - A’ proper’ Madame has to have standards and stick by them. This isn’t to say I have a problem with non-whites-one of my best friends Charlie Keys was black and one of the best piano players in the South. Law done him in for miscegenation back in ‘99

                Madame Oar’s House was a fine establishment. That lady had standards and integrity. Once a girl had earned herself to the top, Madame Oar would set her up nice and send her on her way to start her own house or pay her to explore Europe or the like. The men knew how to behave as the Madame didn’t tolerate no funny business or hurting of her girls. Plus the place had a mighty fine bar. I tended to the linens and finery. I felt finally at peace. And the kind Madame was an angel of beauty herself.

                It was them soldiers, the Rough Riders, that came through. They were about as bad as the Law in my opinion. They were the reason the Flame needed to visit Madame Oar’s . They treated the girls as rough as their name mauling them, ruining them in a way only the Flame could cleanse. It seemed fitting they took the blame for what happened after. It’s just a shame - a crying shame - they weren’t ever brought under the weight of the Law. Then again I ain’t surprised. Vile creations like the Rough Riders and the Law swim in the same fetid pool.

                I expect you want to hear about what happened that night. After the Riders ravaged the women of Madame Oar’s and corrupted them completely transforming them into trash I saw what needed to be done. It was a shame, a crying shame but the Flame is a spirit of cleansing. I can’t rightly understand why the Flame had me join those needing cleansing but trust the righteous decision of the Flame. Maybe I had become affected by proxy-my soul had been scarred by the Riders horrid work so I accept the judgment of the Flame, much as it hurts.  Perhaps my work is done. I think I even saw the dark angels take the Madame just as the Flame began to purify me.

                I look forward to spending eternity in Mother’s bosom.

                                               Thomas Lloyd

-fragments found in the ruins of Madame Oar’s House
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Researched by Dale Aden, Jr.