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The Captain
  Captain Tobias Grimm and his First Mate Tim Eel plagued the Spanish Main longer than any other pirates on record.  Though not as well known as some pirates like Blackbeard or Henry Morgan, Captain Grimm was nonetheless more feared than any other pirate off the coasts of Florida.

  What made Grimm so terrifying was his simple lack of mercy or compassion.  While most pirates followed some sort of code of the sea, Grimm flaunted the fact that he never took prisoners and killed everyone onboard any of his conquests.  Men, women, and children were butchered and offered to the sea.  There are stories the Grimm’s ship, El Oro Negro, had a persistent swarm of sharks following it due to the large amount of bodies dumped over the sides.  

  Grimm reportedly met his end when his crew rebelled against him for breaking one of the laws of the sea that he so liked to go against  He brought onboard a woman named Sparrow Scallywag and commissioned her as his new first mate.  Tim Eel his current First Mate was incensed and led the crew in a mutiny.   After making landfall in a settlement near modern day Ft. Desoto the ship was never sighted again.   

  Timmy’s notes - The Captain and crew have indeed found their way into Hellview.  Some members can be found drinking in  Lost Soul’s Tavern.  There seems to be some sort of power struggle going on in the ranks to this day amongst the pirates of Hellview.  Sparrow Scallywag apparently turned on the Captain and dumped him somewhere in Tampa Bay.  She now commands El Oro Negro and was last seen setting sail to the southwest.  Sadly, I know Hellview may let them stray for awhile, but they’ll be back.  Hellview never lets anything leave for long.