Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

People Scaring People since 1996.

The Caretaker

  The caretakers of Hellview have a long history, though not quite as long as Hellview itself.  Some came for study.  Some came to hide.  Some were drawn by the very evil that pulls in so many.  Very few are called by a greater sense of good.
  Most of the caretakers keep to themselves and simply vanish either into Hellview or out into the world.  Most who try to leave Hellview behind them fall victim to turmoil or madness.  One wonders why anyone would chose such a life.
  The oldest known caretaker is believed to be Sir Timothy Witherspoon, a knight of some renown in the court of Richard the III but fled England under the reign of Henry VII.  What is known is that he traveled with Juan Ponce Del Leon in the New World in the mid 1490s.  When those explorers stumbled onto the "mouth of Hell", Sir Timothy knew his duty was to stay behind and keep the evil from spilling out into the rest of the world.
  No one knows how long he served as the first guardian caretaker of Hellview.  All that is known is that one of the living skeletons often found near the gates of Hellview goes by the name of Timmy.  He tries often to warn others to stay away from Hellview.  Some caretakers have claimed that he approaches them with knowledge and advice on particular developments within the walls of Hellview.
  As the most recent caretaker, I can assure you this is no easy job.  Between zombie outbreaks, the captain's attempts at escape, would be paranormal investigators breaking in,  were-wolf pack territorial wars, and the demoness' temptations,  it's enough to drive any one a little mad.
  Well somebody has to guard the gates.
  Bernardo, Baldur, Leonidas, Cerberus.
  I think I'm in good company.
In honor of Timmy, the first of their order, most caretakers wear a skeletal mask to honor him.