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The Morrigan
  All of us must die, a simple fact of a mortal existence, or is it?
Anne Morrigan didn’t fear death, nor did she give it much thought; she was independent, steady and sensible in her thinking, good characteristics for an early English settler of Savannah, Georgia. Anne arrived in Savannah in 1733 with her husband, Thomas, by her side. They lived uneventfully until Anne decided to accompany her husband on what was to be a brief, exploratory trip to Florida.
   Florida was under Spanish rule, and the English were not looked upon with a friendly eye. The ship Anne was traveling on was brutally attacked by a bloodthirsty Spanish admiral. Though not officially at war with the English the Admiral intended to throw blame of the attack on the notorious pirate Tobias Grimm. The Admiral killed every last man on the ship, including Anne’s husband, who was her great passion.
   When the Spanish blade of the admiral was driven into Thomas’s heart, a great rage and deep need for revenge was born. Anne knew she could not live another day on this earth without Thomas, but neither could she readily leave it until her husband’s death was avenged.
   Anne cried out in a cold fury that so chilled her attackers the considerable din of battle actually fell silent. Anne knew the Spanish admiral meant to leave no one alive, but ever resourceful, she did not panic, instead, she remembered a story her Irish gran had taught her about The Morrigan. The Morrigan, with her spirit animal Crows would often be a feature on battlefields, land or sea, it was her job to take the souls of the violently killed to the afterlife. She would also grant justice to those she saw fit.
   With fierce eyes Anne turned to the admiral and said, “I am fairly certain you meant for no person on this ship to remember this day, I can assure you sir, that it will be one you will never forget. For I will cast my fate with The Morrigan, she will grant me, and my dead husband justice. You will never know peace from this day forward, for I will hunt you, and your men, until the last of your villainous blood is spilled upon the ground, even if that means hunting you until the next life. Whom the gods would destroy, they would first make mad.”
   And with that, Anne broke free of her stunned captors, and leapt into the ocean, disappearing beneath the waves.
The admiral laughed, but his men were not so easy, a woman on board a ship was bad luck, a woman on a board a ship that delivered a curse was thought to be worse still.
   When the English ship did not return to Savannah, it was thought to have fallen victim to the pirate, Tobias Grimm, which was precisely what the Spanish admiral wanted people to think.
   Shortly after this incident, those that composed the admiral’s raiding party began to die under mysterious circumstances. Regardless of the manner of their death, a few hours after their passing, their clothing and bodies would become wet with sea water, even if they were some distance away from the closest body of salt water.
   Eager to avoid a similar fate, the Spanish admiral fled with a small band of loyal followers to what would eventually become St. Petersburg, in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Treated with particular barbarity by Panfillo de Narvaez during his 1528 conquest of Florida, the Tocabaga placed a spell on the Fountain of Youth; if anyone drank from it, he would never grow a day older, but he would be neither living nor dead, and then would slowly go mad, never again being satisfied with mortal food or drink. Unaware of this hex, the Spanish admiral and his men drank from the Fountain of Youth. The admiral was careful, circumspect in his consumption, but his men drank up greedily. Without fail, to a man, they all became monstrously insane, and fell upon each other, tearing at each other’s flesh. The Spanish admiral, who drank the least from the Fountain of Youth, lost his senses more slowly, and used the last of them to flee from the revenants that had once been men. Anne’s words ringing in his ears, he was determined to go into hiding.
   Drawn to the activity and terrible energy at Hellview, Anne is convinced that the Spanish Admiral has taken refuge here among the damned. Her bargain with the Morrigan would be that she carry out the duty of reaping the souls of the dead. But Anne’s deep desire for revenge has come to the forefront, in her quest for revenge, she has neglected her duties. Blinded by hatred and bloodlust, she searches among the creatures of Hellview for the admiral. The dead now stuck in this world, live a half-life, and wander in search of human flesh, just like the men who drank from the Fountain of Youth. Will Anne Morrigan find the Spanish admiral at Hellview and finish her quest for revenge, and resume her duties of soul reaping? Or will the undead population burst at the seams, and escape from Hellview bent on dining on the flesh of the living?
Researched by Marta Jones