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Sentinel of Shadow
  The Sentinel of Shadow is the last remnant of an order of knights posted by the king of Spain after an incident in the area involving Spanish Conquistador Tristán de Luna y Arellano sometime in the 1560s.

  While sailing to what would become his colony in Pensacola, the conquistador and his party anchored off the shores of modern day Tampa Bay.  The native tribes attempts to warn them away were taken as hostilities and a pitched battle was fought.  During the battle, Tristán de Luna y Arellano was visited by an English knight named Timothy Witherspoon.  The knight told the conquistador of his journeys with Ponce De Leon and of the discovery of the dark gateway that existed here.  He explained the natives were only trying to warn them away.  The battle was ended quickly but the toll on the native tribes was disastrous.  Sir Timothy feared he would not be able to hold back the evil that spawned from Hellview. Tristán de Luna y Arellano felt the area was unsafe for settlement and sailed onward.

  The conquistador sent word to Spain and to the church to seek aid for Sir Timothy’s guardianship.  An order of knights were formed to assist in protecting the area.  These Sentinels of Shadow would protect the gateway to Hellview and warn away trespassers.  Sadly when the Seven Years War broke out, the order was forgotten.  No one knows how long they remained at their posts or how they died.

  Timmy’s notes - There remains one lone Sentinel of Shadow who has also become an undead creature like myself.  Sadly I feel he has not retained his faculties as well as I.  He tends to be very aggressive in defending the entrance to the pit and I fear for anyone’s safety that dares to defy his warnings.