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The Swamp Monster

The Bayou waits and watches, patient as an open grave.  The young man’s shirt clings heavily to his skin, channeling rivers of sweat down his back as he poles the pirogue further into the quickly darkening swamp.  A slight breeze rises and the Bayou whispers words no man understands. 

As he pushes the small boat under a moss-laden cypress, branches clutch at his arms and tear his cotton shirt.  A cottonmouth, angry at the intrusion, drops into his boat from the tree.  The young man uses his pole to flip the deadly snake into the water.

“You won’t take me, Maggie,” he rasps, “not while I’m still breathing.”

A web of rotting vegetation bubbles up under his pirogue and stops the small boat dead in its tracks.  He struggles against the pole but the snag holds fast.  Wearily, the young man kneels and submerges his arm to free the boat.

A slimy hand grasps his own.  Before he can pull free, a second takes his arm.  The air grows thick with a green churning mist, chocking his lungs and draining his strength.  At last he collapses and the slimy hands pull him into the water.  The boat rocks a final time and then floats free… alone.

At the swamp’s edge, in a small Southern Florida town, a young boy ignores his elders and sets out alone to explore.  The Bayou lies in wait and whispers words no man understands.