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The Twins

~Erin and Evelyn Pyceis~

  When the Pyceis twins were born in the early 1880's bayou in early days of St. Petersburg, the pious townsfolk of those parts reacted in what was a combination of both awe and terror. Nobody has seen such an unholy effigy of the human form, and thus the closeness of Erin and Evelyn were seen as that of the same nature of snake and devil. With parents no different to this common theology, they were abandoned in the swamps, just as many other deformed or other unwanted or  impious children of the time...

  The Pyceis twins were lucky to survive. They would have died if not found by the wandering caravan of Burnem and Slayley's Midway of the Macabre. To those that specialize in the grotesque, Erin and Evelyn were viewed as the perfect specimens for the Midway's Freak Show. So from then on the twins grew as idols of amusement as ongoing passerbys gawked at for self-satisfaction and wonder.  This led to each sibling holding a view that would pull the two Siamese twins very far apart.

  Evelyn hated the attention. She wanted to run away to some fantasy land she had read about in a book. Erin, on the other hand, thrived on the fascination of the crowd. Constant eyes on him were the one kind of nourishment he could absorb that didn't also empower Evelyn, whom he had both hated and loved for her talents. She was a pure circus performer. Sword swallowing, fire breathing. What had made them the duo that was the talk of the circus, however, was their ability to work as one being despite being two different marvels. The right hand belonging to Erin and the left with Evelyn had worked together to juggle balls and do many great things. These had given Erin what he had wanted from his audience: recognition for his talents. Though through each year of his life he knew he was but in the umbrage of his sister.

  Erin and Evelyn continued to awe with this routine for years, the dilapidated caravan being their only domicile, the shady Ring Master Randall Hellion being their only guardian, and he was never seen outside of his shows anyway... Evelyn grew more and more unwilling to perform with any enthusiasm in her craft as the years progressed, for she had little pride in complacency, like so much trained animals. Erin, ever hungry for the spotlight and growing in envy, had pushed Evelyn to practice with him. He repeatedly chastised her in an abusive manner that nearly drove her to madness.

  There came an incident in the summer of 1904. In the middle of the routine, Evelyn was to do her sword swallowing gambit. As Erin eyed her with judgment, her hand had slipped and pierced her throat, the sword escaping from the back of her neck. Immediately her head fell limp. The crowd erupted in pandemonium and fled the circus. Erin screamed. Erin screamed loudly, for he now had a pair of lungs all to himself.

  It would seem that the weeks following Erin fell into a decent into madness. He would speak to the head of Evelyn as if she was there, apologizing to it and kissing it as if to heal the wounds. The soft skin of her forehead upon his lips soon became red and sticky. He blamed himself for being cruel to his sister, for he believed that her death was no accident. He knew that Hellion would send him to the street once he realized that he was nothing without Evelyn's talents, so he sought a new partner. He refused to become separated from his sister until he finds one.

  He had a problem. He didn't just want a partner for his routine. He wanted another sibling whom he could love and feel; someone just as close as Evelyn Pyceis. He sought out partners in a most reprehensible fashion. During the nights he would find and take street performers back to the caravan, where he would measure their torso, head, and arm as they sleep in an induced coma from a potion secured by Montague Druitt. He would see if they would meet a match with his body mass, and if they didn't, he would dispose of them by piercing their neck in the same way Evelyn had died, with the same sword used in her suicide. He had found a few potential partners, but as they awoke and saw Erin with his blade and sewing needles they recoiled in sudden terror, and would have to be forced into silence.

  In truth the only reason he did things as he did was because he missed his sister and felt responsible for her death. During the winter of 1906, he grew ill; the rotting corpse of Evelyn circulating disease in his system. Hellion had forgotten all about him after his fame abated. He died unnoticed and undisturbed. He could swear that the last beat of his heart was meant for Evelyn, a message telling him that he will never unite with his sister and must haunt the afterlife finding that perfect partner. His corpse had been burned in the great fire that had consumed the Midway. Like the others of Burnem and Slayley's, he leads his eternal final performance in the Hellview Cemetery, waiting patiently for the right person to walk by that he would snare...


Research provided by Malachi Corrao