Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

People Scaring People since 1996.

The Wardens

  Over the years, Hellview Cemetery has developed quite a reputation for paranormal activity. Some caretakers welcome the attention, while others fear it draws more evil into Hellview's circle of influence. What most caretakers agree on is the need for security at the site. Fortunately a rough and ready group has formed to help keep the peace, especially at Halloween.

   No one is really sure when the crowds of visitors drawn to Hellview really started. Some say it is a recent phenomena, while others point to old newspaper clippings from the early days of the St. Petersburg Times of Halloween festivities in the area of the one of the city's lost cemeteries that could be referring to Hellview. What is documented is that in the last few years a group of brave individuals made up of security guards, military, ex-military, and brave youths voluntarily formed a small militia that shows up every time Hellview Cemetery opens its doors.

   Dubbing themselves The Wardens, these stalwart defenders protect those foolish enough to enter Hellview as well as prevent those that might seek to disrupt the delicate balance of power amongst the denizens of Hellview from doing any real harm. Any Caretaker of Hellview will tell you that Hellview's security force of Wardens is something even the were-wolves don't want to mess with.


  If you dare to brave Hellview Cemetery this or any Halloween follow the rules, stay on the path, and fear The Wardens of Hellview.