Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

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The Were-Wolves

  The strange energy of Hellview attracts all kinds of creatures and undead.  None are quite as feared as the lycanthropic were-wolves.
  Several packs and many lone wolves have become embattled in the area that contains Hellview Cemetery.  Here are their stories.
The Lugaru Family
  The Lugaru family learned that Marie Laveau is not someone to be trifled with. The two eldest sons of the family were sent to the Voodoo Queen by their father to try and get a blessing from the priestess for the upcoming rain season.  The only payment they offered was their family's loyalty.
  A mild storm season passed and Papa Lugaru felt that Marie hadn't done anything special for them.  He petitioned another Voodoo Queen, Blackwater Hattie, in Florida for assistance.  Hattie agreed to help the family if they moved under her protection in Florida.  So the family left their emerald swamp of Louisiana, packed up and moved out.
  The next full moon, the family learned the price of breaking a tithe to Marie Laveau.  The family now plagues the swamps of Florida with the curse of lycanthropy.  Laveau knew the family would betray her and used them as a pawn in her war with Hattie.  
  Blackwater Hattie has pushed the family of were-wolves into a swamp near Hellview, hoping that it's magic would contain them.  Once intertwined with the powers of Hellview, the Lugau pack fell under the sway of local alpha-were, Wolfgang.  He intends to meld the clan into a fighting force and seize power in Hellview.
   If you find yourself nearing a ramshackle house in an outlying swamp near the time of the full moon, you might want to make sure you've got some silver on you. In the swamps of Hellview some things hunt in packs.
  One of the alpha-wolves of Hellview Cemetery is only known as Wolfgang.  Not much is know about him other than that he once worked openly for the SS during World War II.  He is documented on the Nazi payroll as a “huntsman.”  Occasionally he is referred to in Nazi propaganda as “The Hound of War.”  There are tales dating Wolfgang to far earlier in history but few can be proven.
  All that is known for certain is that Wolfgang has been spotted in recent years within the walls of Hellview Cemetery.  He seems to travel from pack to pack of lycanthropes with little or no challenge from any other alpha-were.