Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

People Scaring People since 1996.

Your Humble Hosts

We Happy Few represent the heart and soul of Hellview Cemetery.  While this is by no means a complete list of all our volunteers and actors, these are some of the mainstays of Hellview Cemetery.
Mark Muncy

Roles: Co-Owner, Lead Story Writer, Site Design, Construction, Sound and Lighting Director, Marketing Chief

Characters: The Caretaker

Quote: "Never moon a were-wolf."

Contact: caretaker@hellview.net
Into: Vampires, Ghosts, Luchadores & Zombies
Dale Aden

Roles: Construction, Cast Wrangler, Paint and Decor, Story Adviser

Characters: Jeremiah Finch & Randall Hellion Banner

Quote: "I see a haunt wall and I want to paint it black."

Contact: dale@daleaden.us
Into: Haunted Houses, Literature & Music

Madison Meeks

Construction and Cast Wrangler

Characters : Swamp Water Maggie and The Ballroom Matron
Amanda Warrant

Role: Security Chief, Cast Wrangler

Elizabeth Abbott

Hostess and Show co-ordinator
Nick Tinerello

Roles: Construction Lead, Co-Designer

Character: John Boy Lugaru

Qutoe: "Arooo!!!!"