Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg's largest charity haunted house.

People Scaring People since 1996.

Rites of Passage
This year the disappearance of Madame Oar is still leaving the power balance of Hellview in shambles. Swamp Water Maggie and her loyal tribe of were-wolves, the Lugaru family, have been battling every force of evil that rises within the walls of Hellview for years but a new power is growing.

Ancient drums can be heard ringing through the land. The serpent worshiping
The Blackwater Clan has been seen hunting for sacrificial offerings to their ancient god. These cannibalistic inbred swamp people, lead by their high priest Hezekiah Blackwater, are some of the most feared denizens of the swamps of Florida.

What will you do as you walk through the middle of an unholy war that is bringing forth every spirit that resides in Hellview Cemetery? Can you dare make it through these Rites of Passage?

Some "Behind the Scenes" shots of Hellview Cemetery 2014 can be found here.